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KO Slam

Have you guys seen this? Everyone came back from the competition talking about it and the video is just as brutal, so I thought I’d share. The slam’s around 4min http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=it8z3N6Cdt0

That is ridiculous. Hard to watch.

Yeah…I read the guy on the receiving end’s posts on MMA Underground forum. He’s a good sport.

Man that fuckin guy’s an asshole. You know if that was my family member and a guy did an illegal move like that I’d knock his ass out of nowhere on those mats he wouldn’t even know what hit him.

This is pretty brutal also.

I think it’s legal, because it’s in MMA match.

my .02:

1st clip: pretty much a BS move…the ref clearly stopped them, and the other guy let him go. and i’m pretty sure those headslams are legal in most grappling competitions, although i could bewrong.

2nd clip: bad armbar…he should’ve locked down on a leg, or let it go…

not as bad as the guy almost breaking the other guys back in a bjj tourney

Dick move. see guys with that attitude all the time though, not very surprising.

[quote]mldj wrote:

This is pretty brutal also.

I think it’s legal, because it’s in MMA match.[/quote]

that was the own guys fault, if you watch ufc a lot theres a few times where this had almost happened, and 99% of the time they give up the hold and save themselves. But rampage was known for this slams like that.

Anyway, onto the first vid, total dick move, way to nearly end someones career/life because your not as good as them. I see that shit in the same category as eye gouging.

man it’s fuckin bullshit. Why would I even WANT to go to a grappling compeition knowing that I will play fair and by the rules when the other guy might not and pull something like that out of nowhere.
Your playin a sport man.
If you life is in danger on the street, go ahead and pull that slam on who gives a fuck. But like I said your playing a sport…and what your doing is not even for a title or anything…your just at a grappling tourney…whoopdie doo.

Man that’s awful, and exactly why I’d be hesitant to participate in grappling only tournaments. I have to admit though after the first time they went to the ground and got back up, the first thing I thought was “HEAD KICK!”. Yet another reason I wouldn’t compete, I’d probably be the dick to accidentally do something like that.

Warrants a free punch in the face of the slammer by the guy who was slammed. A cocked waaay back, full force haymaker.

Well, if it’s any consolation I’m pretty sure Cody is going to be banned from most grappling competitions.

In defense of the slammer, it very well could have been an instinctual reaction and he meant to put him on him back to break the hold.

lol i highly doubt that.

I saw this vid on MMA.tv, Fortunately the guy is okay. I’m assuming since he posted the link to vid.

I’ve been suplexed, before at a Grappler’s quest so as far as I know you’re allowed to slam & throw(while standing) but no spiking. I’m sure the slammer’s intention was to put the guy on his back & land on side mount. Not KO him.

[quote]rasturai wrote:
lol i highly doubt that.[/quote]

wtf would he think he could accomplish spiking a guy on his head?

They did a podcast on it http://thefightworkspodcast.com/2009/04/26/reckless-behavior-jiu-jitsu-tournaments/

[quote]Fiction wrote:
rasturai wrote:
lol i highly doubt that.

wtf would he think he could accomplish spiking a guy on his head?[/quote]

he would accomplish exactly what happened from the result of it…don’t be naive