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Ko and Others; High Protein/Low Fat Dressing?

I could have sworn that there was a High Protein/Low Fat “Mayonaise/Dressing” recipe in the site utilizing Cottage Cheese.

Anyone with a good, easy-to-make and store recipe for the musclehead? (By the way…the recipes for making “puddings” with sugar-free jello have been way cool. Just thought there may be something similar for a “non-sweet” cole-slaw/salad dressing).

I think I remember the recipe you mentioned, but I can’t be sure. Anyway, here’s a quick and easy one using cottage cheese. Mix low fat or fat-free cottage cheese, black beans, fresh cilantro, corn, and albacore tuna or scrambled eggs in a bowl (futz around with the amounts until you find what tastes good to you and is optimal for your goals). If you can handle the extra fat, crumble bacon on top of the mix just before eating. Season it to taste, and serve. You can also wrap it up in a whole grain tortilla if you like. Makes for a quick meal and believe it or not, it tastes pretty good.

I’ve also found cottage cheese to be the perfect topping for the Berardi brother’s “Bodybuilders Chili”. Nuke it and it melts into something approximating lasagna. Kind of. :)

I am kinda wingin’ it on this one so you may have to play with the amounts to get it right. Also I do not know how cottage cheese will work, but I am including it as an option, let me know if it works.

Low fat ranch dressing

1c fat free mayo or sour cream (or try pureed cottage cheese)

1 garlic clove, minced

3 TB chives chopped

3 TB parsley, chopped

2 TB tarragon chopped

1 TB Lemon juice

1 TB white wine vinegar

1/2 c buttermilk (add more or less to get the desired consistency)

salt and pepper to taste.

Combine ingredients, and mix thoroughly. You can use a whisk or bender.

Don't let the buttermilk scare you, depending on the brand, 1c has 1-4 g of fat. Let me know what you think.