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Alright well take a look at Melvin Manhoef's knuckles. Seriously a lot of guys wouldn't want to fight you if you hand hands lookin like that haha.
2nd question is how do I get MY hands to look like that.

here's another pic of manhoef..notice the knuckles.

I do see this with other fighters, but manhoef's defianetly takes the cake.
I mean I don't think you can get that from just hitting bags with gloves.

I wonder if these guys do any hitting of wood like Machida does...



I'd rather have these knuckles.


So you'd like to not use lotion and have ash all over your hands. Interesting!


lol melvin manhoef would give anderson silva a run for his money..cause anderson silva hasn't fought someone technically sound and a hard hitter like melvin manhoef.
melvin's ground game is his weakness, but other than that..his stand up is top notch!

you know what I'm talking about brother chris lol.


So, uh, you want to get freaky looking knuckles so that people are scared of you??

Seriously, do this conditioning instead, much better...

Iron egg skill > Iron hand skill.

This is a continuation of the same doco...

Iron egg skill + Iron throat skill = MUCH GREATER than Iron hand skill

And included for it's awesomeness-

That is all.


I wouldn't want my knuckles like that. Be like gettin hit by a brick, sure, but try gettin laid with them things poppin out your hand.

I do some conditioning for the knuckles, like pushups on concrete and hitting the bag barehanded for a little time each day... but nothin crazy.


You get those from hitting things, or getting hit by someone in the face. It's not as cool as it looks. I have those on my right knuckles. I have some on my face too. When the black eye heals there is a lump left under the skin, it's like rice when you touch it.


lol I'm not really goin for the look..it's more of the conditioning aspect that I'm goin for.
I hit things everyday too but with my gloves, but I'm just curious how many goddamn things one has to hit to get them like that (conditioning wise)
I know my shins have gotten a lot stronger from just hitting the heavy bag and thai pads. I don't believe in other methods of conditioning...really it's just from couple years of constantly hitting the heavy bag and thick brand new thai pads. Really conditions the shins.


Fucking liar.
You clearly said 'how do i get them to "look like that"'.


fuck yeah!

yo if my knuckles looked liked that. fucking badass


one of my frends that grew up doing kyushikin (karate) has knuckles similar to that...prolly the long term conditioning with the makiwara board and knkuckle pushups.

personally, i just do some knuckle pushups (like my man Irish said), and occasionally hit the bag with no wraps or gloves. but i don't have crazy looking knuckles.....


I don't want to start a seperate argument but I always thought his standup was way overrated. He hits hard and has good Muay Thai that's about it imo. It's like when Foupa Poukam came and got KTFO by McFedries people were rambling about how he could give silva a challenge.


Everybody has their panties in a bunch for some reason over these knuckles...
How do I get MY hands to look like that..as in if they look like that they will be WELL conditioned.

I'm oh so sorry judge blaze that I'm a "fucking liar" lol..geez


Some people say that...but in a sense that's his style
He hits hard, has brawler style..but he's a smart brawler...by no means a boxer..but he is slipping properly and doing the things he SHOULD be doing...and well..he gets the job done if you take a look at his standup record..both in Muay Thai and MMA.
The only thing I don't understand was wtf was goin on in his head against the Yokohama Maeda fight.
I still think he'd give Silva a run for his money...he's no joke especailly fighting the TOP guys in K-1..KOing Mark Hunt, doing quite well against Remy..with Remy being a MUCH taller fighter..
He says though he doesn't like any fancy or flashy stuff he says he sticks to the basic...hooks and low kicks.


I just think people still underrate Silva's standup, Manhoef hasn't been all that good in mma. I was suprised the Remy fight didn't to round 3 though.


Ok guys relax we all know what he meant by "look like that". Lets not play on the little idiosyncrasies. But yes, makiwara training does that. I've seen it before a lot. You got to hit wood, metal, trees, blah blah.

Melvins a bad ass hard hitting motherfucker, what he lacks in 'style' me makes up for in power. I'd like that kind of hand density as well. Meanwhile I'm building that up I'll work on the A.Silva style part :slightly_smiling:


Thanks for havin my back Xen..haven't been on this forum for a while...tough crowd lol.

I definaetly don't underestimate Silva's stand-up..that would be ridiculous..he's very good at counter-fighting..has a good frame for muay thai with his long limbs as well.
I'm just saying I don't think he's fought someone in the UFC with stand-up as good as Melvin Manhoef, or that same type of aggression or hard hittin power.
I'm a big fan of both...I'm a shorter guy like melvin with a stock build exactly like him...for me his style works perfect, in the same way I try not to go forward as much as him and like to step back a bit..have my opponent come forward with whatever he wants (hooks etc) and keep backpeddling until the last second I put the brakes on, stop hard and throw my right.
That has been workin well with me for taller fighters..sometimes if you can't get to them..let them come to you. I guess I am a little biased as well because well I see myself somewhat like Melvin lol


Xen is that the same type of thing Machida does when he said he hits the wood?

A long time ago in highschool I used to hit a thick piece of wood tied in rope. Made my knuckles rough as hell and much more density to it.
I'd definaetly like to have that back and some more.

I use to focus only on the front 2 knuckles though (pointing, and middle finger)

is it better to use all 4 knuckles? I'm assuming so..unless there is some type of injury that can occur. Thanks!


Yes. Look up makiwara on google or youtube.
Build one and use it everyday and i'll guarantee you'll have perty knuckles.

You could focus on the other 2 knuckles but you should always aim to hit with perfect form. I've been taught to punch in such a way that the front 2 knuckles hit. Might as well practice proper mechanics while you toughen your hands.
That being said, you could probably do some side knuckle toughening up for the ring and pinky knuckles.


Some people have an easier time building up "knuckle mass".

Friend of mine, a brawler, had knuckles of iron. When my training buddy and young me where goofing around hitting a sturdy wooden doorframe for conditioning, he splintered a big part of the wood with one blow, making the door look completely busted.
Only thing he ever did was boxing.