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"Knuckles Down" Cue


I have been seeing and trying to keep my knuckles down during the pull portion of the snatch and clean which seems to work pretty well. Once I can piece it all together, I think it will be game changer for me like a lot of people have said. From what I hear, the purpose of knuckles down, is to allow a straighter bar path??? It seems to minimize or get rid of that rainbow arch when the bar is traveling upwards as opposed to outwards.

My question is: Are the wrists supposed to stay flexed so my knuckles are facing the floor for the pull phase of each lift or is there a simpler way to keep my knuckles facing downwards??

I may be able to post vids on here eventually because I dont have access for an experienced lifter to watch me


The Russians advocated the flexed wrists back in the day. Let’s face it, can you flex your wrists when pulling on a 200kg clean? Really, any heavy weight? If you can do wrist flexion it is a light weight. However, the way it was explained was that the attempted wrist flexion rotated the elbows (olecranon) outward, bringing/rotating the scapula forward and putting it at an angle which allowed for greater force application from the trapezius, thus a stronger pull. It is more difficult to swing the bar out away from the body if you do this, hence the straighter bar path.