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Knoxville, TN Gyms?



I know there are some Knoxvillian's here. What are the badass gyms in the area?



I know a pretty good one; hardcore lifters, fantastic equipment, easy to jump in while in town on business for a few days...

Oh but wait you don't read my posts. Hopefully something else jumps in for ya.




Dynabody in Maryville (25-30 minutes away) is supposedly decent. HM can those not affiliated with UT use TRECS? outside of that we have National Fitness and the Rush, both of which are your typical commercial gym with a few serious lifters. There are three athletic prep type places in town, but I don't know exactly what they are all about. If someone else out there knows of a true hardcore place please chime in b/c I've been looking and haven't found it here.


I need a badass gym closer to me here in memphis, the closest one is a cross fit gym ( not that that's bad ) but it's an hours drive.

What are you doing in TN steely?


Thanks for the replies so far.

cors- I have customers in TN I travel to do software stuff. This year alone I've been to Jackson, Nashville, Murfressboro and soon K'ville.


yes. i went to party with waylander for a weekend and i worked out there. paid a 5 dollar guest fee. gym was nice. plus it's funny to watch ppl stare at way


I know jackson has a good golds supposedly.

Murfresboro I believe has a good PL gym near by. Duno about nash or knox. If you're ever sent to memphis there's a gym called Faction http://www.cfmemphis.com/ - it's the crossfit gym I mention, looks to be nice, haven't checked it out myself due to the hour drive.


Also seems there's one in bartlett now ( crossfit gym ) that I'll have to check out crossfitbartlett.com

Though this seems to be crossfit specific where faction lets others in


Is he a UT student, or did you both go as guests? I mean, were you able to get in because of him? Actually TRECS would be really convenient-- I think I'm staying real close to campus.

I'll call them.


Jackson Gold's Gym is awesome. Open 24/7, has full HS line, powerrack, and heavy DB's, plus I get in free because of the hotel I stay in.

Mufreesboro Gold's is just OK-- it's more trendy/lightweight than useful. That seems to be the pattern with Golds-- Awesome or meh.

Went to another one in Murph that was pretty good awhile ago-- olympus? olympia?


Faction is free to train on Saturdays. That's where I do all my lifting.



That's where I lift. The UT rec center. The gym chain "The Rush" is a 24/7 gym and while it's not really hardcore they have some really nice equipment. Would not recommend the one on Chapman. If you check out the rush look at the one's on Kingston Pike and in East Town Mall, those are the best.

There's also a keycard gym, I have never been in. But obviously it's 24/7 and you have a keycard to access it, I hear it's decent.

Those are the only ones I know of, sorry! If there was a "hardcore" gym here I would've hoped I've heard of it by now lol.


You have to be staff or live with someone on staff/student to get a membership. I have an extra bedroom in my apartment. If you pay my 600$ rent each month you can move in and then you can get a membership there, deal? :slight_smile:


OK. I'll send you the months rent so I can work out for the week I'm there :wink:

Is the keycard gym the "Rush" gym or is it something all together. I just need some heavy db's and some HS equipment on the road.


lol sounds good! Nah, those are different. The Rush is your typical front desk style gym. If you're looking for some very good HS machines that's the place you want to go. The kingston pike and east town mall locations have lots of great machines. Not sure on the DB's though, I know they have at least 100's.


The National Fitness on Tazwell Pike is pretty good too. 24/7 and has a ton of HS machines. DB's go to 150, couple smith machines, only one power rack though. Couple serious lifters and a few that show.


Turns out Knoxville is a pretty damned cool town.

As far as food goes, I can't spit without hitting a steakhouse or bbq.

Nice area.


Yeah knox isn't too horrid. Just be careful on game days, town is crazy near the college.


Now take everything back, that you said bad about me. :stuck_out_tongue: