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Known Facts of Life


FACT #1:


Fact 2: I deadlift more than the OP


Fact #C: this thread sucks



I totally read Bass's posts with Bill Murray's "Stripes" voice in my head.



Fact #3: ucallthatbass is a dumbass because,
A: he goes from Fact 2: to Fact C: and he puts a # before C. Double dumbass. :wink:


fact 4: the world is run by evil sluts and white knights that look to do nothing but keep the good man down.


Fact 10^6: bases feelings are hurt :frowning:


Feel better?


lmao these posts are funny and @ucallthatbass... congrats.


The only known fact here is the OP and I are having a ladder match to determibe the no. 1 contender for the. Heavyweight championship of T-Nation.


fact 5: soccer is more beautiful, more entertaining and tougher than any other sport (including alligator wrestling)


fact 6: American Eagle makes the best jeans for weightlifters.


fact 7: Flacco and Maurice Jones-Drew totally screwed my fantasy team last night.


fact 8: If you arent big and strong you should just wait in the corner of the gym until the big guys say its ok for you to lift.


fact 9: If you ever eat a hamburger that isnt home made you are going to have serious health problems and/or you are a total fat slob.


fact 10: Beginners should start out with deadlifts and skip DB Rows since most trainees cant do DB Rows properly because they are so technical.


fact 11: RougeVampire's avatar shows his entire torso and proves he's not fat.


fact 12: holymac is the only person in the history of forever to have ripped out a stop sign and then proceed to T Bar row it, while grunting and banging his 5th grade teacher, in a Planet Fitness to set off the Lunk Alarm.


fact 13: if you eat more than 12oz of greek yogurt in a one week time frame you will do damage to your physique that cannot be repaired without elective surgery.


fact 14: gyms should adopt the "You Must Be This Tall To_____" signs with regards to the weight room... to keep out the manlets.