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Knowledge Bombs

This Week’s Knowledge Bombs:

Naked Twister
by TC

The Creation Continues
by John M. Berardi

Sports Nutrition Smackdown: A Roundtable Discussion
moderated by Chris Shugart

Seasoned Warrior: Training for the Middle-Age Athlete
by Coach John Davies

Steroid Super Stacks
by Cy Willson

News and Reader Mail

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Best issue in a LONG time…

great to see a steroid article again and JB’s article was pretty dope…

t-mag comes thru once again…

loved jb’s article. especilly the point he made about having too much knowledge and talking about it rather than pushing iron. i myself have been guilty of doing this in the past.
keep up the good work

VERY good issue…I’ve been waiting for one like this. :wink:

Ditto. And very cool to see Chris Street and Jose Antonio in there. Now I want to see this Tania babe!!!

How about updating the “This Week’s Issue” link on the left to point to 286 instead of 285?

Thanks, and great issue. TC is at the top of his form, I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.

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Man this was a great isssue…

Keep it up!!!

T.C has been on fire for the last two weeks…luckily Timmy P was on his way to the john an found him. Doubly lucky was the fact that Timmy had just finished a REAL BIG jug of water and was able to…well, you don’t need to know the rest.

Taking some shots at Timmy P is pretty low-hanging fruit but points are to be awarded for style not just level of difficulty…

…and TWO weeks in a row with a “AFLAC duck” reference worked in…



“Excellence in any pursuit is the late, ripe fruit of toil”

~ W. M. L. Jay

What will T-Mag do for an encore?

Anally rape Bill Phillips, Dr. Scott Connelly, and Donald Rumsfeld, Deliverance style. I wouldn’t derive any sexual pleasure from it, I swear?I’d just like to humiliate the cocky bastards. I’d need a fluffer to do it, but it’d be oh-so worthwhile…this was by far the funniest thing i have read in a while i started crying i was loling so hard, lmfao…big martin

my comment isn’t on this specific issue, but on number 180. TC’s atomic dawg article was awesome. i think when/if you guys compile a “best of”, you should definately include this must read.

Props to TC

I’m just curious about Bernardi’s inclusion of soy products in his article. I won’t touch soy! Anybody else notice this?


Billyboy, Berardi has never been totally anti-soy, but he says to minimize it. I don’t think he’d ever recommend supplementing with it in powder form, but if a little is in your soild foods, no big deal.