Knowledge Bombs!

In this week’s issue of Testosterone:

Technology Trap by TC

Back on Track by Mike Robertson

Triple Threat
by Christian Thibaudeau

The Psychology of Big Part II by Chris Shugart

Keep the Iron on the Bar by Dr. Lonnie Lowery

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Latest Issue!

Excellent articles! Chris T, Chris Shugart, and Mike Robertson run the show this week!

Great article by Lonnie! Keep those coming :slight_smile:


I think it’s important to keep your head.

Great articles Chris Shugart. It’s definitely something that is overlooked when it comes to bodybuilding.

Is it just me or did you guys forget to mention Triple Threat in the post? Or does that not count as a knowledge bomb?
Anyway I really loved the article as I like all of CT’s. The rest were great too.

Well, it depends what you’re interested in. Since I’m interested in how to be healthier, the whole deal with iron was interesting to me. Back to the basics routines can be found anywhere, IMHO. Do compound movements, don’t go to failure, get plenty of rest. The end.