Knowledge Bombs

In this week’s T-mag:

T-Mag Presents the Sex Aptitude Test
by TC

Branding Iron
by Chad Waterbury

The Psychology of Big
by Chris Shugart

Dear Mom and Dad
by John Berardi

Fat to Fire II
by Coach Davies

News and Reader Mail

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Well sweet goddamn, it’s up early this week.

Nice work, T-Staffers.


You guys really outdid yourself this week.

Waterbury’s column was damn refreshing.

Great sex test too. Funny, but also really interesting and made you think.

keep Waterbuty coming, glad to see there are other people out there that rely on compound movements for massive arms. Try flipping a 600lb tire for 150 reps to get forearms and bi’s pumped up!!

Yes, another week of informative articles–I’m beginning to see a pattern here…

Just wish I could find a place to do rope pulls.

I use to flip 600lb tires over when I was a kid, now I flip tractors over instead.


Great issue! Can’t wait for the 2nd Psychology article and lookin forward to more from Chad and Berardi…

Yeah, the Psychology article was good. Looking forward to the next one.

FYI I picked up a 50’ length of 3" diameter rope from a local marine supply place for free this am. It’s no longer suitable for working but, it’ll probably hold my puny ass just fine. They had a lot of it left so if anyone in Everett, Washington area wants some, call Dunlap Hardware on Marine Veiw Dr.

Otherwise it costs about $5/ft.

Good work Bronco!