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Knowledge and Experience for a Future Firefighter

I am a beginner, and as much as I hate to call myself that and let others do the same, I am. I am in college and trying to train to become a firefighter.

I have started keeping a food log but only log what I eat and not the calories or anything else. I have started working out but most likely am not doing a lot because I lack such experience. I know that I need to eat more so I am literally trying to eat every couple of hours which is a change for me.

I am taking 100% whey protein shakes just to help and am debating if creatine is necessary. I have the mindset and the passion to do this, I just lack a very important aspect which is the knowledge.

Well, I also lack the money for a personal trainer too. I just ask for a basic insight that might get me on the right track. Am I on the right track already? I just need a little help from those who have done this??? Help me save others, if you can. I Thank you in advanced

I would not waste any money on creatine.

I would steal/beg/prostitute myself enough to get $13, for which I would use to purchase Eric Cressey’s Maximum Strength(paperback version) off of Amazon.

This contains enough diet and excercise advice to make you a beast. Not a bodybuilding type beast, but like an athlete who likes to rip down walls of burning buildings type beast.

I would take this book with me to the gym 4 days a week for the next 16 weeks. And possibly to the grocery store once or twice a week for the same period.

If your college does not have a gym with a squat rack, you should tranfer colleges, or at least get a job in a gym that can accomodate the BMF you’re going to be.

Read around the sight there’s masses of good info here. The stickies above and the Dan John and Poliquin archive of articles are a good place to start.

oh, I forgot to mention. I work at a gym so that is a little insentive for me to work out more.