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Know Your Ratios - For Chicks


Bonjour coach,

Thanks again for another great article; I am a huge fan (you totally have a cheerleader in Ottawa, should you ever come to the region, I shotgun tour guide!)
But I'm curious, do you train your female athletes with these same ratios in mind or do they differ? If they differ, could you please share this information? I would love to be able to have something like this to refer to periodically.

Merci encore une fois.


Well first of all I actually train more females then men. Either Crossfit athletes or figure girls.

I use the same ratios but do not compare upper and lower body lifts. I only compare lower body lifts with lower body lifts (and olympic lifts) and upper body lifts with upper body lifts.

I find anyway that since girls rarely have upper body dominance like guys have, it is almost pointless to compare both (the goal in doing so is mostly to see if the guy overemphasized his upper body over the years).


Cher Coach Thibs,

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my questions, much appreciated and many, many thanks.

FYI: Ottawa is gorgeous in the summer and it’s inhabitants are friendly and hospitable :slight_smile: