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Know Your Enemy


Anyone have information resources like this to share?



What is your point chief?


I guessing that you arent fond of the police force?


From your heading and the links provided, I am also interested as to where your going with this..


He is from Canada, so he must have lots of experience with LEO in the US.


I like where this is going if it ends with fuck the police.


Got pulled over by a cop doing 60 in a 30.

No ticket/barely a verbal warning. Didn't check my license or registration, either. Was on my way about 60 seconds after the lights started flashing.

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Not all there are some that really do want to help people, I know a few.

But like in every career or position with power, and very corrupt unions, there are many that allow it to go to their head and are just as bad as the ones they are supposed to protect you from.

After talking to some of my friends, I have changed my opinion on law enforcement. Out in the country it generally isn't that bad, but even they have said they can't follow the rules or operate as they should, because of the corruption internally. And alot of that is playing to the powers that be, the unions and the criminals with money.


^I live in a town of 1300 people so law enforcement in my county is good. The nearest major city is San Antonio and things are getting worse and worse. From what Im told, more and more police departments are choosing quantity or quality. If you look at the entrance requirements, its ridiculous. I would say with thought that its harder to become a fire fighter or medic.


I particularly don't care for police as whole and I have worked as one for 12 years - in three different countries. It is my hope to demote myself in society and go to law school.


I think we have way too many cops , If they do not like the way you look they can bring in all the forces and force their point rather than finesse.




Will you provide a scenario please?


A smaller, less expensive government begins with repealing laws and reducing the ranks at every level. Anything less is a fail.


Where did the OP go?




I see it when I speak to , especially the younger cops , they have an attitude , it would be real easy to get cross ways with them.

I think the cops job is to take care of the people that no one else wants to take care of, I do not think they are heroes because they are a cop. They have to do heroic acts to be a hero .

I had a Great Uncle that was a Cop in the 50s , he said when some one beat up his wife and was holed up in his house with a gun , you did not call the swat team , you knocked on the door and talked to the guy like he was human

I am a peace loving person with a spotless record, but on two occasions in my life I felt I was being baited by the police , it was very tempting because IMHO , I would have kicked the dog shit out of them . But I knew even if I won the fight I would lose battle


You are correct in some ways. Younger officers do portray an egotistical attitude - yes. Not as a whole but any contact with police creates an opinion by the public, even if it's a one time incident. Respect should be given by the police as well until the situation necessitates action.

Ok, even 5 years ago tactical approach was different as police are ever learning and unfortunately the curve comes from fuck ups. Civil liability, political atmosphere, department protocol, all have influence on tactical implementation. I find it frustrating that the public slings an opinion on police action without ever walking the other side of the argument but I understand it - I was a civilian first.

Sure - peaceful talks with any suspect would suit the situation just fine. When do you change your actions and move? When you answer this question - in the fraction of a second, with the weight of the leering public eye, with the suspect, your own and your peers safety in question, and knowing that a lawyer is going to armchair quarterback everything you do from a safe desk, then you may change your opinions. I did.

Please don't generalize the police population. I firmly believe that an hour spent with me, drinking a beverage of your choice, would change your mind in many aspects. Oh, and I have been in it along time and treat everyone as I want my family treated should they encounter police.
Good day.


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