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Know When You Need Biotest Supps?


"The only question is, are your training demands challenging enough for ANACONDA?

So, if you're a beginner, casual lifter, or totally happy with where you are and can easily maintain that level, ANACONDA is overkill for you; you don't need it."

When do you know when your training demands are challenging enough for(Mr. Moviephone voice) Anaconda?


you are ready!


How many new threads are you going to create about Biotest products?

I'd suggest doing a lot of reading first. There are plenty of great articles on the products, as well as numerous user accounts from those who has trained with and experienced the results.

Not trying to be rough on new people, but reading more and talking less is always a good place to start.


I'm a lazy ass. It's easier to just ask questions. I could spend an hour reading and still not find out what I wanted to know.


I'll probably write as many posts as I want asking as many insignificant questions as possible. Is there some kind of unwritten rule on the forum "no more than one post about Biotest supps"?



That's fine, but just prepare to get ignored, because no one in this forum has a whole lot of patience for "lazy asses" who know that the info is available but choose not to avail themselves of it.


It's a troll. He took my bait.




If you have to ask that question... well, you see where I'm going with this.


You can use the Biotest to bb.com ranking system. 0-5 with 5 being very likely and 0 being not likely

1) You favorite movements are done on a bosu ball
2) You prefer the smith machine because its safer
3) You prefer isolation leg movements to squats
4) You say the word bro in casual conversation
5) You prefer to do partner bench/rows to "get that pump"

scores of less than 1 are ready for Biotest supps.
scores of greater than 0 need to knock the sand out of thier vagina