one of my friends is very smart and a know it all also…hes been working out for probably two years and hes…well…lets say ignorant

his workout consists of push ups, abs, bench, leg press, dips, curl and its been the same since he started. He eats whatever shit he feels like ect…and hes been arguing with me about how your body works better when you haven’t eaten several hours before a workout. Hes made very slow progress and still thinks hes knows what hes doing and thinks if anyone disagrees at all they are totally wrong o.0 his take on gym rules is nice also… do whatever the fuck you feel like

leg press because hes had 3 knee surgeries but I think he should still do squats… hes jogs and stuff all the time

anyone know any idiots like this?

im bored lol.

are you asking a question?

EDIT: I’m not trying to be mean, I really don’t know the reason for the post.

Is your friend getting results that you aren’t getting? Sounds about right.

This thread is brought to you by the guy who claims to be referred to as the “human encyclopedia”.

Sounds like you need a new friend.

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  • A wise man

hahah our chinese friend. gotta love him