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Know How to Improve Arm Wrestling?


I never imagined my first topic would be something so dumb, but for some reason I've never known the answer to this question...

Anyone know how to improve arm wrestling strength?

An explanation would be appreciated too.

What muscles? Why? etc


I’ve had people complain because I grip to hard. I guess work on grip and squeeze the piss outta their hand.


A big key to arm wrestling is not flexing your whole arm.

It sounds funny but when you flex your whole arm, when arm wrestling, all the muscles antagonistic to the muscles you want to use work against you.

The way to do this is to take a very zen approach to it and just focus on rotating your arm as if its an unstoppable force and not recruiting the antagonistic muscles.

I’ve beaten guys with 50lbs+ on me with this approach.


I haven’t arm wrestled anyone in years, so am not going from that basis, but it certainly appears to me that the main factor is strength of internal rotation.

Which actually is not the arm at all.

Ordinarily that is strengthened with cable exercises.


I’ll try that out, but the purpose of my question was in terms of training and not technique. No, i’m not going on an arm wrestling routine, but an exercise here or there wouldnt hurt…


I have a friend that arm wrestled at the worlds a few years back. He and his training partners do a lot of static pulling against each other in various positions i.e. deficit pulling etc, for up to half an hour and at times I believe he said that might be the entire workout. He also indicated that a lightning fast start is huge.

His first match at worlds he wanted a fast start and decided that he would either jump the gun or take the other guy off guard. He won with a big start and had the other guy’s hand down before he even felt any reistance. I think my friend was sixth that year at worlds left handed somewhere in Scandinavia.