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Know Anything About Tridenosen H?


I saw this stuff in a Bodybuilding mag and googled it and have read what seem to be some positive things about it.



So does any one know anything about this stuff.

By the way Im refering to the injection form not the imitation pill form.


I believe it is the same as the synthetek product by the name of synthelator.

I read an account by a guy whon used it to increase vascularity during a show.

I have no idea where i read it so i doubt i can find it but from memory:

He dosed it directly before stepping on stage, it DID get him harder, drier, vascular and more pumped than normal BUT it also made him feel weak, ill and faint (IIRC).

It is likely due to water/carb manipulation coupled with the use of the product IMO, but thats all i know…