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Know Anything About This Supp?

So, like some people here (maybe most, but some of you are in the closet about this), I leaf through the muscle rags every month. Most of them are so heavy, yet empty of content that the only good strength-related use they have would be deadlifting them.

The new supplement being advertised all over the place is GAKIC. Anyone know anything about this stuff? Tried it? Know how to pronounce it?

It is a form of arginine.

I won’t post pubmed abstracts here; it suffices to note that GAKIC seems to show results when it comes to resistance training. This is consistent with studies on arginine.

The better question is: Does GAKIC work better than arginine?

GAKIC, after all, is a form of arginine, which I believe is less expensive than GAKIC.

If it works like arginine, then that pretty much sums it up. It sucks.



It seems to enhance anaerobic performance. It’s waaaay overpriced though. I like beta alanine better and it’s actually affordable.

if you go to the GAKIC site you’re supposed to be able to get a free sample…pretty easy way to see if it works.