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Know Anything About These Cars?



Basic gist of it is that it's a Kit car, and if you have a 96-01 honda accord for another approx 16k you can build one of these and it'll weigh around 1,800lbs.

Um, I'm about 80% sure that I'm going to build one but I just want to get some more info on it... any body ???


Attack F-1




the kit i'm planning to purchase ^_^


last one


First time officially unveiled in May 2002, K-1 Attack roadster is now offer for European market as complete brand new "turnkey" automobile called Attack F-type, with 2 years factory guarantee and regular aftersales customer service and support.

The "F" letter in its name represents Ford powertrain layouted in front of the rear axle.

Even outwardly looking almost identical with the first "kit" generation, this seriously upgraded new automobile is featuring by completely redesigned rear frame section, new Euro-4 modern powertrain with V-6 option and 6-speed transmission, completely new brake system with two separate master cylinders and variety of settings (pedal cluster from seat distance, brake bias to front/rear axles, pedal braking ratio - pedal trajectory/braking power), dramatically redesigned suspension and handling, improved 49/51 weight distribution balance, redesigned interior with new sporty instrument cluster, power operated super compact heating/defrosting air condition unit, massively lowered centrum of gravity and finally the front coilover opening veiling option.

Vehicle is available in several base colors, with optional metallic or pearl finish, with lot of extra equipments - like Carbon Fiber interior/exterior parts, genuine leather interior upholstery, roof set with "windshot" and real rear glass window (the set is stored in vehicle when not used), powerful air-conditioning system, Clarion stereo sets with slide out TV screen and GPS navigation option, number of wheel models and other extraordinary on-demand customizing options. All spare parts are in stock, ready to be deliver in 48 hours.

First authorized sale&service points are going to be available with the date of launching first serial made Attacks in Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Italy and England (only LHD version).
K-1 Styling&Tuning Ltd. is in negotiations with several other distributors and dealers in other countries and shortly after the Ford based Attack is available for sale in Europe we will introduce the RHD (Right Hand Drive) version in England, Australia and Japan.

Simultaneously, with helping support of Ford engineering group, we are working on US/Canada version of Attack F-type with different emission and vapor system necessary for US and Canadian market.

Due to its rigid construction, K-1 Attack is available also as Racing Package, which offers this vehicle in components form, ready to modify any particular component for competition purposes as for example the frame mounting points to accept different powertrain types (Honda F-18,F-20,F22 or H-22 factory advance prepared), suspension or brakes, or even body panels and interior.

The Racing Package comes in solid steel/wooden closed crate, including all exterior body panels, all interior panels and seats, custom designed powder coated tubular space frame, 3 piece honey-comb technology floorpan with Ventury turbine at rear, 4 adjustable coilover shocks & original Audi suspension components and brakes, factory custom designed aluminum fuel tank, original Hella lights, custom muffler and all other necessary parts and few hours step-by-step installation manual to build your dream car in 4 weeks.

NOTE: Racing Package made K-1 Attack is created for competition purposes and therefore might not be street legal in some European countries.

giggles like a school girl


Damn No one?


that looks tight as hell, and if it is only 1800lbs it won't take much power to make it fly. You saying it's only 16k w/o the engine and tranny and you're just gonna pull one out of an accord? I thought they were talking about it being a ford powertrain. (maybe I'm just too hungover to understand). 16k seems cheap. I always wanted a kit car too, but thats got to be one of the nicest ones I've ever seen. Maybe when I'm older and have some money.



MicroSlash - "Seeing myself in a fire engine red F1...."


I'm guessin you're gonna need a shitload of tools, and a shitload of knowhow.

Other than that, if I saw you drivin down the street in that thing, I'd be like "damn, hes badass."


Nice wheels.... Similar in design to a car I've grown to love. I'm obssessed with the Dodge Viper series. Sporting 500 BHP at the wheels... (Stock). The car's frame was built around the V-10 engine and rides low to the ground like the K-1, F-1. However, much cheaper than the F-1. Unfortunately, the Germans bought the design, implementation, and rights of production from Dodge.

What's the quarter mile on the K-1?
0 - 60 in?
Top Speed?
Weight of the frame?

Like I said, I'm a Viper fan and the K-1 looks very enticing. What's the cost on that (Stock)?



That is a mean looking car. Nice weight distribution, a number of engines to choose from.
If you are going to be an international man of mystery, you need an exotic car.
Why not that one?


Wow, that is pretty neat! Seems like there are more and more of these types of things coming up all the time now. I'd do it!


My only question is if you are going to get a kit that cool.. why are you going to put an Accord engine in that thing?

Of course, I am an automotive dumbass - but a car that cool looking should be FAST. Right?

That thing should black - it looks like the Batmobile. Cool.


shitload of know how- Check

Shitload of tools- one uncle has a body shop, the other is a mechanic.

Plus I have a friend who has built a kit car and a solar car (the latter from scratch) every year he was in high school with his engineering team. So I can do it. And my uncle has a honda accord on blocks. I just need 16g's now :stuck_out_tongue:

No i don't know the times, etc thats why I asked. I really can't find too much info on it.

the turnkey apparently is off a ford power train

I think i'd build it off of an accord base, it's more reliable and parts are cheaper.

say what u will about honda's those things last for fucking ever. So imagine having a honda like THAT :stuck_out_tongue:


@ approx 1800lbs, with a rebuilt V6, maybe larger fuel injectors, other slight mod's... that thing SHOULD be a fucking monster as far as speed. Also they have a racing version (giggles like school girl again)

I don't know if it would fit, but imagine the possiblities if you can fit a (twin) turbo or a supercharger in there.

And with an accord you can find bolt ons for that shit lol. pretty much zero work.

Of course I did find this article:


From the article:

[i]The students and three of their teachers created a custom-built 300 horsepower hot rod from scratch.

"It goes from 0 to 60 in under 4 seconds," said one student.

The car has has reached speeds of 110 mph.[/i]

But there car runs from fucking SOYBEAN OIL. And gets 50 miles to the fucking gallon...

Please remind me why the HELL we use gasoline again????

Anyway I won't be using soybean oil, but with a fuel efficient v6, light as hell car, and a possible turbo... you bet your ass I'll save some gas.

besides lambos, ferrari's and the like are all delicate, you need to warm that shit up for like 15min before you take it for a spin.

Dependable Honda base, Looks like a million bucks, but costs you a 1/4 of the price, and SAVES you on gas?

I can't pass this up. Ricer's would eat their shit hehe :smiley:

Only worry...

I'm sure it's straight line fast tho, but what about suspension and shit :frowning:

I like to take curves like a fucking maniac.


nice ride. laters pk


Alot of these kit cars are based on using the Pontiac Fiero as a donor car.



I hate to piss on your party Xen, but It remainds me of those really cheap 'kit cars' that folks would buy and put VW motors in several years ago. I'd try and find one that has been built, and see what it looks and feels like.

But that's just my opinion.


Rainjack has some good advice...alot of kit cars ride and feel just like that, a kit car. But definitely keep me posted and we would all love to see pics of it from start to finish..Kit cars are a lot better today than they were just 10 years ago. But test drive one first if you can....