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Know Anything About Plate-Mates?

Anyone know where I can purchase these? I’ve looked them up but there are a few different things. Want to be sure I’m getting what Chad was talking about in his reply to my question. Amyone have positive results with these? Where did you purchase them? What sets? For how much??

i purchased 2 pairs of 1.25lb round magnetic plates. Basically you can increase a dumbell or any plate up by 1.25 or 2.5lbs. obviously if you want even weight distribution you need to have both on the dumbell on opposite ends.

the only complaint i have is that it’s hard to use them during db bench pressing because of the placing of the dbs on my knees causing the platemate to move or fall off. you can combat the issue by placing the platemates on the circumfrerence of the db and watch the dropping of the db on the floor after the set is over. laters pk

There site is theplatemate.com. You can buy them there–in case you weren’t aware.

I’ve used the set at my gym. The donut style. The 1.25lb allow you to make 2.5lb jumps in dumbells instead of five, and they let you go up only 2.5lbs on barbells (just slap them on the side of a 45lb oly plate). They’re pretty useful, but the limitations I’ve found are the knees problem that pk brought up, and that they fall off if you hit the barbell on the floor (eg, cleans or deads). That said, I’ve stopped using them since I’ve abandoned the small movements they are most useful for–eg, kickbacks–5lb jumps in the big movements tend work just fine.