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Know Anything About Miscarriages


Im pretty sure my gf is pregnate and im only 20, yeah its goodtimes.
But, shes had some heavy bleeding for the past week. it started a couple of days after her period. A couple of days after the bleeding started she had some greyish brownish discharge, not tissue. Shes still bleeding heavly and she has had one clot.
I was just wondering if anyone knew if these were the early signs of a miscarriage


Could be, look it up on the internet. My girl miscarried, but I'm not sure of the color as I didn't see what it looked like. But if she's pregnant how is she having a period?


Its not a period I dont guess, its just bleeding. And from what i have read that can be normal. And as far as what ive read for signs of a miscarraige, they arent very clear. They give all the symptoms and then basicly say that all of these symptoms can be just a normal pregnacy


To quote J dawg:

Congratulations dad!!!!


Um, how about calling a health professional? Most insurances have some sort of nurse hotline to call if you'd like to ask questions without making/paying for an appointment.


My suggestion to you is to get her to the doctor, why hasn't she gone yet? Especially if this has been going on for a week or so!


it doesn't sound good, to the docs soon as possible


I second legend's comment. Get your girl to the hospital. Any signs of bleeding during the first trimester of pregnacy should be brought to your/a doctors attention.

It may be a miscarrage or it might not, but miscarriges are fairly common. 10-20% of preganacies become miscarriges (I have ready articles stating as high as 50%!) If it occurs in the first trimester it is sometimes called a "spontaneous abortion". Basically, the woman's body realizes that the embreo is not developing as is should and it aborts the pregnacy.

If it is a miscarriage, then your girl friend may have to have a "Dilation and Curettage" (D and C) done. Basically the cervix(opening of the uterus) is dialated (slowly stretched open), and the wall of the uterus is cleaned out to get any remaining embreo, amniotic sac, etc.

I know all this because my wife had a miscarriage a few months ago, and had to get a D and C. So get your gal to the hospital. This is not a panic situation, just go see a doctor because they know about this stuff. They can give you more info, and make sure that no complications arise.

Hope this helps.


Your girlfriend's spewing weird colored blood from her cooter and you're asking strangers on a bodybuilding website about it?



Listen you idiot get the fuck off of the computer and get that woman to the ER not call and make an appointment. Be accountable you impregnated her! Do you not love this woman? Any number of things could be wrong.

You could lose the baby or her or both dammit, this is the kind of shit that amazes me beyond beleif.

When you or anyone else has a extreme medical concern seek competant medical attention immediately from a trained health care professional at a medical facilty.

For real people quit freacking asking these kinds of questions on this or anyother message board seek help now!

Dammit if you seriously put this woman's baby and health in danger because you are an idiot or scared cause of some dumb shit you did you deserve every fucking thing that is gonna happen.

And if anybody wants to get in my shit for going off on this idiot you need to wake up to shit head! This is serious!

And yeah I got the credentials to call this guy an idiot!


Thank you, you are eveidently very intelligent and a good person.


the real figures are 1 in 3, pregnancies end in misscarriage, we had one in june at 12 weeks, fookin sad time


My sympathies go out to you, I suffered the same in 92.


Better get to a doctor quick becasue it can also be an ectopic pregnancy which is when the fertilized egg gets trapped in the fallopian tube. If the egg continues to grow it will rupture the tube which is a life threatening condition if it's not handled right away.


Yeah, what this guy said.

I had a msicarriage in August and it freaking sucks ass. Since I'm guessing she's never had a kid before, I'll describe it this way:

It feels like the worst cramps possible. I felt like a fork was shoved into my uterus and twisting.

I did not get a D&C - I chose to miscarry at home and I went to the doctor the day after everything had passed. The baby was the last thing I passed. We chose to bury her (we think it was a girl) and since there was no birth or death certificate (too preterm to have that), we opted to bury her at my in laws, in the country.

My doctor said that at 14 weeks, most women need a D&C, but I explained to him that I felt the need to be at home, and he understood that. It's not necessary to get a D&C. I went in the day after birthing the baby because I wanted to be sure everything had cleared my uterus. The doctor gave me the 'all clear' and I had some minimal bleeding over the next week or so.

This IS a birth. Most people don't realize or understand that. A miscarriage is an extremely preterm BIRTH. There is a baby. It died.

Treat your girl very gently, don't tell heror expect her to just be over it. It's not just a lot of blood. She was probably very attached to that child already.

Be kind to her. Don't tell her to get over it. Let her cry.


K, I'm going back over your post because it's not making sense.

She's been bleeding heavy for a week but her period just left town 2 days prior to the bleeding?

Explain that.

Get her to a doctor, dude.


Ive been trying to get her to a doctor. She will not go. But i am taking actions. And i really dont appeciate all the asumptions and ppl telling me what all i deserve and what not you dont know and you dont know what i have achieved.

Anyway to answer the question, i cant really explain that. Its the whole reason im worried shittless and she wont go to a fucking doctor....her dad is a doctor and If she doesnt go tomorrow im telling him.

ps she does have one child


Ok, you might do well just to tell her dad. Does she know this is a miscarriage or is she just suspecting it is?

She may be like me and just prefer to birth at home. My 2nd child was born at home - planned - so I can understand that logic. But she still needs to go in even if she waits till after the birth. She does need to be sure that there's nothing still in her uterus.

Maybe you should just tell her dad.

When I miscarried, I bled heavy for a few days, passed the baby, then bled for a few days more. It was about a week, total.