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Know Any Serious Gyms?


So i was bored at work and whent down to barns and noble and read some ( flex?) They had an article about the top 10 toughest gyms. it was actually entertaining to read but it made a point.
That most gyms just suck.

15 y.o kids clustering around machines to "hang" people who think sweating on the floor or equipment at all is rude. and that if your grunting or yelling your way through that last rep it is out of line and you need to chill.

and it made me think are there any gyms in my area that are for people who truelly care about what they are doing. gyms that absolutely will not tolerate you coming in and looking the same day after day , year after year?

and then I thought why not ask here? and why not see who has a favorite gym.

so pop out a list. if you got one for utah cool. if not pop your own up.
( I know about gym jones already.) its invitation only.


I had similar issue and particularly when travelling away from home so I decided to build my own database of gyms. It's a total non commercial site and the idea is that if you're on vacation you can easily find a good gym near to where you're staying.
The site is www.gymvisit.com - let me know if that helps. j


I can't help but feel like a part of the unserious people at the gym you are talking about.


Any gym I'm lifting in

(couldn't help it, heh heh)


Metro flex..You know the one Ron and Branch train at in Arlington TX http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYaHhtluZCk


World Gym in San Diego is pretty much the shit.


Big Iron Gym in Omaha, Nebraska.

The home of very scary lifters who also happen to be really nice guys and girls.



this place. granted it was a special occasion that the EliteFTS guys were there.

i've only trained there twice.

but i've squatted on the same monolift :slight_smile:


If anyone knows of any in Orange, CA that would be awesome...I like a lot of people at the 24hr fitness I train at but the lack of equipment that I'd like and the not heavy enough weight stacks is getting old.


DC Barbell in Muncie, IN. Couple of crazy strong guys train there.


Listings by state:


Lexen Xtreme, The Compound, West Side Barbell, TPS and SC Barbell are all pretty sweet.

I've also come across some nice commercial gyms that have a decent amount of PL equipment and actual bodybuilders and figure girls.

Mens Health actually made up a pretty good lists of awesome gyms across the country. I'm pretty sure its been posted a million times before http://www.menshealth.com/cda/article.do?site=MensHealth&channel=fitness&category=muscle.building&topic=total.body&conitem=955969d02fbe7110VgnVCM20000012281eac____&page=1


I was going to post that same one


do you ever go there? i've been with Detazethotheter and i'm always down to go and meet up with more T-Nationers.


anybody have ANYTHING for college station? Im sick of training at Golds.


Thanks everyone for all the replies. great stuff I found one at SLCC on redwood road its intense, no BS clean gym. and a few of the guys are competeing for mr.utah which i thought was cool.

^hey devil dog messaged ya.


Actually just found out about it about a month ago when I was looking for a new gym...I'd love to go up there and check it out though


is that the tps in everett?


yea ... that's the one we're talking about wolf


These are the two facilities I train in (note "facilities"- I don't think the word gym applies in those cases)

Recently readjusted some of the stuff and got a log, some new farmers walk "cases" and a barrel for OH pressing

We do have a separate room here though with a bench, 2 of these cardio-bike thingies, a leg press, a triceps/lat pulldown and an e-z bar...