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Know any Good Cities for Lifting?


I'm thinking of relocating. Besides Columbus,OH do you guys have any suggestions of cool places to live for the powerlifitng inclined?

Denver's cool and all, but i've yet to find a real outlet here.


i know some PL who swears Wisconsinn has the biggest guys around

i don't know


Moving for powerlifting community? That's...dedication!


Um, Sindie, it seems you've been missing a lot if you don't know the PL community here.





Try TX, everything is bigger there. You'll probably up a weight class just by crossing the state line.

Also, check out the "Big Guys Got a Question" thread. I think you'll find all the answers you seek there.


N├Žstved is the place to be!!


Dallas, Sacremento, Omaha. I'd pick Dallas, but I'm already in Texas so a bit biased.


Every city is a good city for lifting.


If he means good gyms, then take Nashville off the table right off the bat. =^(


I think Wisconsin has more pro strongman than any other state. Not that I would move here just for that.


pushmepullme, are you in denver?? can you fill me in on the pl here? yeah, i am missing out, can you offer some info?

and yes, i would move for a better scene. i'm all about trying new places. I would go back to texas (DFW) in a heartbeat but all my ex's live in texas :stuck_out_tongue:


Hong Kong.

Just kidding, everyone here is small. It helps them kick over their heads and fly with the assistance of wires.

And even if you gain some muscle, there's the slight possibility the PRC will come and take it from you, perhaps to give it to some poor rural farmer who didn't have the opportunities you did.


Not Minneapolis, that's for sure. I don't think there's any serious gyms here.


Too bad Nashville's out.


Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Seriously, one of you bastards move here. There is so much fun stuff you can do. We opened a second Chick-Fila! That's right. A second Chick-Fila!

Strike while the iron's hot.