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Know About Convict Conditioning? Need Help


it is may 22 and football conditioning starts july 10 th ish i think...currently i do kettle bell snatches, over head squats, and bench.

will the book and workout convict conditioning help me ? i want speed, force, and everything else for defencv ends.

and also, should i be doing over head squats or just regular squats? i work in the 115lbs range with the over heads ...and sadly my regular squat max is like 285 ish

both are low but the over head works way more muscles then regular and if i get my over heads up to 225 lbs i will love being able to show that off to other players.

are best defencev lineman who ways about 215 ish is benching 235x3 and squats like 350-380 i believe...he is my goal, my goal is to pass him and put his ass on the ground.

please help, thanks, chris


Let's get this straight first of all, you only do "kettle bell snatches, OHS, and bench" ? Also, you are talking about two different things, strength....conditioning. I realize they aren't mutually exclusive, but for football I would think these attributes would be better trained seperately, so I'm not really sure what youre asking here other than is this book any good.

Basically your post is all over the place

How old are you btw?


English motherfucker...


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1Ny_Ap81iM works way more muscles



Try that for football.


convict conditioning just another commercial bullshit. i own it. absolute crap. better try 5/3/1 for football Jim's Wendler or Ross's Enamait Infinite Intensity