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Knot in Right Infraspinatus


Anyone rehab a knot in this muscle? I've noticed deep, front shoulder pain for months now during exercises like pulldowns, pec deck, or especially incline chest movements. I realized finally I have a sizeable not in my right infraspinatus. My massage therapist was "impressed."

I've been using a tennis ball on it a few times a day. At first, the area was so tender it would hurt to put any pressure on it and self massaging was brutal. Now the pain is gone, but not the knot. I've also noticed that if I massage it well one day, the next few days I have limited ROM overhead and behind my back.

Anything else I should do? How long do these usually last?


If you have a good massage you have improved range of motion. Especially if you are massaging the infraspinatus, you should have INCreased range of motion overhead.

You may be working that area too hard. Stimulate don't annihilate.


I don't think i'm hitting it too hard. After reading a few websites that said the same thing, I keep it to maybe 20 rolls on the area 2-3x a day.


I can't really see how releasing the infraspinatus would limit ROM overhead, same as what Breddy said. But since you said you don't think you are going overboard, maybe the issue is elsewhere? Have a go at the subscapularis as well. That can certainly limit ROM and could potentially cause some referred pain in the infra.

Personally, my subscap gets super tight but I've never had any direct pain in the area so its worth a shot. Its in the armpit area, you may have to google it to figure out how to massage it. Limited ROM overhead suggests a tight internal rotator of the shoulder, so subscapularis is the most likely cause, but could also be the pec, lats, teres major, anterior deltoid or even coracobrachialis, so give those a shot if the subscap doesn't work, but I really think it should. Let us know how it goes man.

Edit: I have never used a ball of any kind to get my subscapularis, I just use my fingers because you have to dig in too deep for a ball or foam roller to work.