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Knot Below and Beneath Scapula

I’ve had a knot below my scapula on my right side for about 2 weeks now and can’t get the damn thing to let loose. It feels like I’m being stabbed and can radiate up into my trap and rear delt sometimes. Any tips on how to get it to go away? Seems to be better for awhile after training and doesn’t hamper my sessions, but it makes me real uncomfortable the rest of the time.

Lie on a golf ball, let your shoulder move around until you find the knot. Don’t rub it back and forth over it, let it sink into the knot. Then you can slowly move back and forth to knead it out. It should hurt. Alternating heat and ice can help too, as can anti-Inflammatories (Advil/Motrin/ibuprofen and Aleve/naproxen, not Tylenol/acetaminophen). Be conservative in your approach to fix this, as it will likely eventually resolve itself, and consider backing off on things that flare it up for a short while.

Edit: You can lie on a tennis ball or lacrosse ball too, but for that particular spot, which is deep and under the blade - I’ve had that exact knot many a time - a golf ball can really sink in without rubbing against the shoulder blade. It will hurt though.


Thanks a lot man, I really appreciate the advice. I just had my wife dig into it really good and am trying hard to not puke from the pain. Seems to have loosened a bit though.

Any idea what causes it? I get one a couple times a year.

For ME, tight pecs/rounded shoulders/craned neck stemming from being 6’3+ and having a posterior pelvic tilt led to some trap/rhomboid problems. I have to look down to talk to most people, and have slouched a lot, which brings the shoulders forward and exposes those muscles underneath, so my go-to in a fatigued state in the gym can put those muscles at risk for a strain. Maintaining a neutral neck and lumbar position is very key to helping that. If you have stellar posture, no rounded shoulders, and never crane your neck, I honestly couldn’t say - may be a completely different reason, and given the nature of internet diagnoses, could also be a completely different injury.

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Hey man, thanks again for your input on this. I know I go kyphotic in the upper back and neck sometimes and that probably had some contribution to this issue. Went to my chiro yesterday and he said my rib under the knot had moved. Whether it caused or was a result of the knot I don’t know, but I did feel something weird in my ribs during the workout where the knot happened. Chalk it up to weird experiences I’ve had thanks to the gym. Haha

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I’m exactly the same, you found anything that works? I’ve tried band pull parts and face pulls and stretching etc but nothing seems to really help properly.


The moving Blackburns.

For @garagerocker13 too - fantastic for shoulder stability, posture, etc.

Besides that, a posture reminder app. There are tons that will remind you every couple minutes to fix your posture - sit up, shoulders back and down, chin back, spine neutral, etc. it’s amazing how quickly you revert without knowing it.


Been doing this lately and it helps a shit ton. No app, just more vigilant about catching myself fucking up.

So those (apart from the diamond) are agony, soooo tight it’s unbelievable. Think I need to be doing those daily.

I was doing band shoulder dislocations before every gym session to warm up my shoulders but might replace them with these.

Thank you for showing me these horrendous exercises.

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Do overhead shrugs.

Mobile apps, tennis balls and unweighted prehab mobility exercises aren’t really going to make you stronger or alleviate any pain long term.

8x8 overhead shrugs and 8x8 glute bridges, each done probably once every 10-14 days is enough to take care of any structural issues, for me personally. Pepper in some kettlebell snatches, swings, turkish get ups, chin ups and whatever else floats your boat the rest of the time.

I might add that methods such as 30-10-30 for one arm presses have done wonders for my neck/shoulder health, as do overhead carries with a slosh pipe. Chin up holds or sternum chins are good as well. These are all minimal investment / maximum return opportunities, but don’t go crazy.

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