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Knot After Shot


Hey Guys,
I am a newbie and if you want to rag on me thats cool, but I got a legite question. I have already done a cycle of test-e a while back, now I'm doing another and the last three times I got a knot in my glute (first), then my right quad, and now my left quad. It hurts like hell. What am I doing wrong or is it a bad batch? Help!!!!
400 ml at once through a 25 gauge, slowly and after heated a little.


redness? heat? swelling? at the site


Just swelling and sore.


It could be a reaction from the high concentration of the gear. Or you could be developing sterile abscesses (unlikley).

No fever?

Google for users reactions to t400. your situation isnt uncommon.

If the gear is clean then your best chance to cut down on pain is to cut the oil with plain sterile oil.


Thanx Bonez