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Knorr VIE Drink?

Hi guys,

Don?t know if the brand KNORR (by unilver) is known in the states.

They have a new produckt called vie-its a drink made out of fruits and veggies WITHOUT added sugar.

I know following the 7 Habits by Berardi includes not to drink beverages above 0 calories and that whole fruits are better than fruit juices cause of the fiber.
Also you have to take care of the glyc.index,which will elimante fruits like bananas and Mais. (except post work out window)

There is one of the drinks which is made out of strawberry,carrots,appel without added sugars which sounds interesting to me.

This will be the page:



OK tried the link you have to pick a country and none I picked I could read

anyhow are you asking if there OK to drink sure if its just the veggies and fruits not from concentrate then sure have some every now and again as part of your intake


Those vie shots are made of 35-43% puree and 25% fruit and veg contencentrate, some water and the rest is made up of freshly squeezed products i.e. not a lot of freshness at all!! (This was according to a press release from Unilever btw - someone asked me about these things recently too so I did a bit of background on it)

The problem about those products, as tempting and convenient as they sound, is that technically they do help to give you your RDA of certain vitamins and minerals, but you’re losing out on the fibre of fresh produce, as well as some vitamins and minerals that get destoyed during processing. Wholefoods are virtually always a better option than juices, and certainly better than purees and concentrates.

Besides, they’re ridiculously expensive!!

My girlfriend drinks a product called naked juice, that is supposed to contain 3 or 4 servings of fruit per bottle. I don’t know if it does or not, but I would suspect that drinking that is better then drinking coke.

I love spicy hot v-8, but I understand that its not an acceptable susbstitute for broccolli.

About the closest thing to actual veggies and fruits that you might get would be greens +, or another product of its nature. (there are cheaper versions)