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Knockout Kings


Teens going around punching people just for fun to see if they can knock them out. Thank God most states are making "castle and stand your ground" laws. Maybe one of these teens will end up as grass fertilizer soon after they punch someone armed with a .45 handgun.

Some liberal will get up in arms and say "oh he was just a CHILD". Yeah, a 6'2 170 pound 16 y/o male going around punching random strangers for fun is a "child".



Niggas on a rampage


One good reason not to hit a complete stranger. There are other reasons.

Fast forward to about 0:35


Starting your passive aggressive racism again eh HH?


Yep. And here's the giveaway:


I don't see how a castle/stand your ground law will protect you after shooting someone that punched you out in public.
Aren't they mainly associated with home and car intrusions?
Deadly force isn't necessary after a punch.


I didn't know WhiteFlash was liberal. I thought he lived in Texas?


First, LOL.

Second, I think he's no longer with us. (us Texans).


Actually someone died already from being attacked. And you dont have to actually wait for them to punch you out. If you perceive the immenent danger you can act to defend yourself.


Fuck these kids. Id say they need a good ass beating to see what its like.



He suffered severe brain injury when his head hit the pavement and died a week later in hospital.


Defending yourself against someone who is unarmed does not require deadly force.
That's not how justifiable homicide works.
I mean, it could end up that way after an investigation, but you can't just shoot somebody if there is no immediate threat to your life.
A punch does not generally pose a threat to your life.
Not to mention, the castle laws only apply in your home and car.
Not out in the wilderness of the suburbs.


Tell yourself that when you have a gang of teenagers bigger than you are coming at you to rock your world. Hopefully you just get by with a concussion and black eye...thats if you're lucky. Better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6.

P.S. Here in MI our castle law extends to public places. Anywhere you have a legal right to be and if you perceive great bodily harm or death to your person you can use deadly force. That situation in that video warranted deadly force.


Thats terrible that they will be free in 18 months. Liberals have this thing where they think anyone under the arbitrary legal age of 18 that commits a violent crime or has sex just "didn't know what they were doing". They can go out and punch 100 people, and each and every time they did it they didn't know what they were doing. And why didn't they? No reason....other than the fact that they happened to be younger than 18. Insanity. According to libs, it's a wonder anyone under 18 can even dress themselves.


I agree with you in principle.
I'm just saying that the courts are not going to determine a homicide was justified if you had a chance to get away or defend yourself without lethal force.
Not in most places anyway.
There's no need for me to justify this to myself.
It's how the law works.


Yes, it sucks that it is that way, but it is the law.
They need to define things specifically and that creates technicalities and loopholes.
Shit happens.
Become a legislator and try to change it.


This shit is nuts. Flash robbery, the latest craze.


No i'll just stand my ground...and if you're grown enough to try and do violence to me, then you're grown enough to suffer the consequences.


And under the castle law, you have no duty to retreat.

Notice the last one says no duty to retreat. Besides, if a group of people randomly attack me, I have every reason to believe im in danger of great bodily harm.


The salespeople can only follow one black person around the store, but 19 black people?

Calling the police was definetely a good idea. Hopefully he requested 18 cops to follow the others.