Knocked My E2 Too Low

I am a TRT patient and have been for 2+ years. I know the symptoms when E2 gets too high or too low. I am pretty sure I dropped myself too low with Adex (last blood draw it was at 14 at 1mg/week) and I am backing off my dose for now to see how I do.

How long can I expect it to take before some of the issues/symptoms fade and my E2 climbs back to a reasonable level?

FWIW, I pin my T sub-q EOD and am on 120mg/week.

It take 5-6 days for the drugs blood levels to reach final levels after a dose change. Should be 10 days to feel any difference that you might feel.

Not much context in this new thread.

New adex dose = old dose * 14/22

Where does the 14/22 part of the equation come from?

You are at E2=14 and want to get to E2=22. With this ‘competitive drug’ in this situation, things are very linear. This is pointed out in some of the stickies as well.

If you increase T by factor X, increase anastrozole by factor X.

I anticipated this many years ago and found that it was perfect.