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Hey Everyone I am new Member. I am 24/Married and Live in Michigan I love softball and play it religously in the summer. I am expecting my first child in march. My biggest question is. Where to start... I want to start getting in shape. I have been to the gym before... I work 3rd shift so dieting for me is hard (but will do what is nessasry). The wife works first shift. I am tryng to loose weight and gain muscle. Let me know your input...?


Hey man, congrats on starting up.

There just happen to be a few "beginner's guides" floating around here.

His: http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=550116

Hers: http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=645666

Definitely let us know if you have any (more specific) questions. Good luck to both of you guys.


Welcome. Congrats on the child, the life you know will change forever, but in some good ways too.

What are your stats?


Greetings and salutations. Mozzle mozzle.

Just read all you can here and listen to what they guys here, (most of them) have to say. This is a great place to learn and be motivated.


I am about 5'10" 205 lbs.. Got a gut that I really want to get rid of.. everything else I domt mind.. Tips are always helpful. Also have issues being motivaed in the gym?


Welcome Knobby. I'll echo Minotaur and say go to the beginners forum and read, read, and read. Then put what you've read into practice. Work hard and good luck.