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“Oh, thats not chicken…”


Yep. :+1:

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Mandolins are the worst. Blood for the blood god.


Since we’re on this subject, this is one of my older sets. I had apprased and apparently it’s from the late 1880’s.

Ignore the glitter, we’re decorating pine cones.


My buddy has an auction addiction. He bid on a lot and this was in an antique butter cookie tin along with several other items.

Now this thing has a story to tell. One blade is broken off. Been opened so many times you can barely get a thumb nail in the groove. And yes, it’s still sharp!



I love my mandolin. Don’t use the safety thingie either. Did I peel my fingers a few times? Yes, yes I did.

Whipped it out this week to make these:



A carving set fit for a king!

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Ya know I’m going to have to try these. I think a little bacon in there would be nice too! :roll_eyes:

I guess its time to fess up.

I have an irrational fear of mandolins and deli slicers.

Whew! There. I said it. And I don’t feel any better about it at all.


Yes! :bacon:

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When I first got one, I was annoyed that the safety food-holder thing meant you couldn’t use some of the food, like 1/3 of a potato. Safety thing got in the way. I almost invested in one of these:

Still kinda want one for no real reason at all.


I like the idea of those: no sharpening, just swap it out. I have something like this below. A lot of custom knife makers are starting to produce them. Sort of a high-end pocket knife body that uses X-Acto blades.

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They’re stupid. Hotel chefs love them for insurance. They’re the equivalent of thinking the smith machine is safer.

But chainmail is cool as shit if you’re dealing with a shark. Or Henry the Xii. Or LAARP-ing.

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Alright, I have a scenario where it could be useful. Bear with me.

I used to know a woman who did that put a sock on the baseball bat trick, what if you used glove that under a cheap-ass cotton glove to deter someone if they tried to attack with a knife??

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I had one of those type that I used a ton when I would build wierd shape & sized boxes.

Loved it. Actually might still have it. :man_shrugging:t2:

Now I have to check my old tool box.

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Pretty cool, I’ll definitely stick with my Husky for now though, haha.

My wife’s Spyderco Native. “Engineered for the human hand” they say, and yes, it really is one of the most ergonomic knives you’ll ever handle.

And no, they’re not all pink:

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Just ordered myself one of these:

Handmade “Volt” in MagnaCut steel (if you haven’t looked up this steel yet - it’s designed by a metallurgist as a premium stainless knife steel).

Brandon Park knives is the creator. I should have it in hand by end of march.


Love that!

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Picked up a second CRKT M16 (-03DB) the other day. I am a big fan of simple knives I can beat up and not feel bad about it later. My go to knife has always been a buck 110 hunter but it’s a bit bulky as an EDC. The M16-01S has been great but wasn’t a huge fan of the frame lock…it’s fine …but the CRKT Deadbolt with spring assist opening is sweet.