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Since firearms enthusiasts are often into other gear as well… post your stuff!

I’ll start. Cold Steel Safe Maker II. Hey, it was on sale and I’d always wanted one. (Wish it were an early 90s model.) Rides in my backpack. Pairs well with Spike.

My dog, then a puppy, “personalized” it the day I got it. Still cool.

Your turn!


Picked this one up from a maker in New Zealand. My best knife so far.

Also, going to Pigeon Forge on my way north for Christmas and going to make a stop by Smoky Mountain Knife Works retail store.


I got these, mainly for personal protection. The CKRT for concealability, and the gerber for when that doesn’t matter.

I typically carry the ckrt on me and the other in the car.

I dont like folding blades at all. Mainly because they fold.



Although the old adage that Russia cannot produce anything still stands, Dagestanis have been making excellent knives for over 1000 years now.

This one is my preferred carry on.


Very nice.

Is that hand made from this guy?

I don’t know what the word on the blade means, I just thought it looked familiar.

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No, this is a Kizlyar knife, I bought myself this one in Dagestan years ago (don’t ask). Before the war they exported knives to the US as well, but one has to be careful with resellers because many Chinese knockoffs are sold under the Kizlyar-something multiple misleading brands in the West.


That place is amazing and an elite sig dealer.

Great thread idea.

This is a Bucheimer Midget sap, carried by my father in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s when he was a bouncer at the Stone Toad and Maitre’D of the bar area at Frenchy’s in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This was right before my mom straightened him out and brought me into the world a few years later.

Don’t sleep on a good leather sap, fellas. This one is at least 50 years old and still ready to help you commit certain deeds.


Now that’s a keeper!

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This is an Emerson karambit, numbered edition, the 101st one ever produced. This was a gift from T Nation/Biotest CEO Tim Patterson.


A gaggle of Spydercos:

  1. Police Model: Bought this one while working in a mall knife store back in college. Tip was broken off and reshaped.

  2. Worker: Another old-school all-steel model, a gift from TC Luoma.

  3. Lum Chinese, limited edition, aluminum handles: Dani and I visited Spyderco HQ here in Colorado. (Told you I was a knife knut). Saw this one there but didn’t buy it; picked up the one below instead. I had severe FOMO for not getting it, so Dani secretly called Spyderco and had them send it to me. She’s a keeper.

  4. Dragonfly H1: Probably the handiest little knife I own.


Benchmade SOCP (Special Operations Combatives Program) folder, first production run (1194/1200) paired with a Fenix LD15R right-angle flashlight – rechargeable, magnetic, red light option… great little torch.

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Sentimental value aside, it is a really well-made piece of leather and whatever material is underneath the leather to give the sap the heft required to achieve your goals. Bucheimer is still in the business of making quality leather products, but they got out of the sap, billy-club and holster-making business some time ago.

For the record, I didn’t come into possession of my father’s sap until I was done with bouncing as a side-job. The only weapon I carried consistently on-the-job was a flashlight. A good “tactical” flashlight, like my father’s sap, can be used as a very discrete striking weapon.

Here’s my review of my trusty bouncing companion, posted several years ago in the Tactical Life thread.


This one was made by Greg Moffat. Very specialized defensive knife designed for reverse-grip, edge-in, “stab 'n rip” techniques. Nasty.

It’s almost an optical illusion because the live edge isn’t where you think it’s going to be.

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Went to Knife Heaven today

Picked up two of their house brand for my dad and brother and a small CRKT for me.

This place is 3 stories of knives, flashlights, and guns.

Highly recommend if you are in the pigeon forge TN area


I have the police and dragonfly as well as an endura. All straight edges though.


Ok, I actually thought this place was just a website.


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Seeing all that in one place was awesome. Any brand you could want, ESSE, spyderco, benchmade, Kershaw, Knives of Alaska, Hogue, and so much more.


I’ll break the trend. Instead of a knife I’ll share a flashlight I really like.

It’s prob not a new model anymore but I like my Fenix PD35. Super bright, easy toggle settings, and of course the strobe function. All in a real slim package.