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KnightWhoSaysNi 2020 T-Ransformation Log


First topic for me here. Been training since October 2015, without much to show for it, so I decided to join the T-Ransformation challenge.

Birth Date: April 1980
Height: 188cm (6’2")
Weight: 113kg (248lbs)

Best lifts
Trap Bar Deadlift: 195kg x 4
Squat: 137,5kg x 4
DB Bench Press: 40kg x 5
BB Overhead Press: 60kg x 6

January 3rd. Didn’t start working again until today, so I decided to do an off-the-books fun workout

January 2nd, first session of the new year

January 5th. Sundays are circuits, lots of fun, but not happy with the weight on the high pull-power clean-front Squat-push press combo.

January 7th

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Decided to switch to a 4 days per week schedule instead of 3.So I’m gonna try the Simple Guaranteed Strength and Size from CT.

CT advises a 2on 1off 1on 1off 1on 1off schedule, so that makes for a Sunday-Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule for me. Not starting the training week on Monday is not some kind of blasphemy, right?

I’m gonna skip the first lower session I should have done yesterday and start with the first upper body session today

Had to adjust down a bit on the Overhead Press and TBar Row

Wow, that was intense. Never did an upper/lower split before. Squats and Deadlifts on the same day is hard! I’ll have to see if I can keep up with my planned weight progression.

Yesterday evening workout. I think I’m going to switch to dumbbell overhead press. Barbell hurts to much at the moment because of a left shoulder injury.

Hi there

Didn’t stop training, but stopped logging for a while. We moved to our new house and it got a bit hectic.

I decided that SGSS is not for me. Heavy squatting AND Deadlifting TWO times a week was too much. So I’m back to full body training.
I made my own template with ramping sets at a target rep range. For squats for example the target is 12 reps. I’ll keep adding sets and weight until I can’t reach 12 anymore. Then next week I’ll try to hit more reps on the last set. So there’s only one real work set for each exercise.

For now, because of a nagging shoulder issue, I’m going to do all my upper body pressing on machines.

Here are my last 3 workouts. Today was Great. I really like the Deadlift/Dips/Chin-Up superset. 205kg on the Deadlift is a PR for me