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Knife or Gun?


Which would you rather defend?

I prefer an edged weapon unless my attacker has a gun. Knifes are silent, won't jam, don't need to be re-loaded, and are far easier to legally possess.



I think knives are a good idea. Big, fuck-off shiny ones. Ones that look like they could skin a crocodile. Knives are good, because they don't make any noise, and the less noise they make, the more likely we are to use them. Shit 'em right up. Makes it look like we're serious. Guns for show, knives for a pro.




You must really suck at gun maintenance or you're a limp wristed sissy boy. Either reason is why your gun keeps jamming on you.




one of these!?!?!

(THIS is a knife.)


/thread x2


I tend to carry a knife all the time. They tend to also have useful purposes outside of stabbing people.

I carry brass-knucks every now and then... small and convenient. But, since they are illegal in the state of Pennsylvania, and I have a job I have to deal with police officers, I don't carry them all that often. Knives I can leave at security and then pick up when I'm done... knucks would get me arrested.

Unfortunately, if the other guy has a gun pointed at my face, a knife and knucks probably aren't going to help much. I'm not gangster enough though to carry a gun though.


At contact distances a knife is very deadly. The user doesn't have to be good with it either, just determined.

Most people will survive a single handgun shot. A major knife wound is much more difficult to survive and more difficult to fix if you make it to the ER.

Outside of 30 ft. a gun would be superior. Inside 30ft. you might not have time to deploy your handgun against a proficient attacker.

I carry both with me.


A knife that shoots compressed gas? That's downright silly... And what the fuck is that douche bag wearing, a skin suit?

I'll take a gun thanks.


Same here. Especially when you work with animals of any kind.

This doesn't answer the original question, but I work alone at night and carry a tazer.


What about saying fuck it to the knife and carry a sword? Like a Katana with a back sheath? You would effectively increase your kill shit factor and also probably notch up the "i'm not fucking with that" factor as well. If you have a kinfe, some hero might still try to come at you, thinking they can get it away from you. A katana? um, probably no. Then again, I guess we will have to wait till society collapses before we can start walking around with katanas or battle axes.



I think surviving a gunshot wound has a lot to do with caliber/bullet and shot placement. A guy at ten yards ain't surviving most shots to the head/brain with a 357 or better or the heart lungs for that matter.

On your second point thirty feet is quite a distance. I think you'd have ample time to pull either at that distance. Maybe at five feet a knife would be an advantage if you a fast easy access place where you packed it.




A knife that shoots compressed gas? That's downright silly... And what the fuck is that douche bag wearing, a skin suit?

I'll take a gun thanks.

Wet suit. The knife is for divers against sharks.


It's clearly made for watermelons. Hence the dry suit.

You now have your t-card revoked because of your remarks.

No wonder. Your username has the word "gun" in it.


I'll take a light saber.



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Yes shot placement and type of weapon has a lot to do with it. Most people can't hit a stationary 4" target at 21 ft., let alone hit it while it's moving towards you (a headshot). Most handgun trainers teach to fire center of mass.

I've never seen a man, during training, draw a weapon from concealment and fire it at an attacker coming at him with a knife, in time to put him down, unless the assailant was more then 30ft. away. The old standard was 21 ft. as proposed by Dennis Tueller.

Getting proficient with a handgun, in close quarters, under stress is not as easy as it looks.


There's an old joke about bringing a knife to a gun fight. Anyone who lives where they can actually carry a firearm but prefers a knife for self defense is living in lala land. There's a reason cops carry firearms, and it isn't because chicks dig it.


Because Clint Eastwood did it... Yes, we all know. But he only did it because chicks were diggin it. The reasons kinda been forgotten over time.