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Knife In My Back!


I have a nagging recurring injury that baffles me. I'd like to see if any of the knowledgable people in the forum have any ideas.

I have a sharp pain to the right of my 7th cervical or 1st thoracic vertabrae. It generally occurs when I have a lapse of form while doing pullups, rowing, or overhead presses. I have a slight twinge at the top of deadlifts as well. On occasion I have sustained the injury while sleeping in an odd position.

It causes me difficulty in turning my head to the left or right and there is some pain when I touch my chin to my chest. The pain mostly radiates to up the right side of my neck like a muscle pull but I sometimes feel pain and tingling across my upper back.

It's not a disc (that I know of), I've had a thoracic mri recently and it showed bulging discs at t4 and t5 but not higher. I've had multiple ART sessions which seemed to mitigate the pain, however it won't go away completely.

I am currently working with my GP and my chiropractor, but its tough to find really good people where I am located. I currently have to make a 4 hr. round trip for ART.

If any of the authors or members would like to recommend a consult I'm open to suggestions


You will never fix it if you don't eliminate the problem. As much as it sucks If those exercises are causing the problem then they gotta go !


I used to have a recurring pain. It was in my shoulder instead of my neck, but I just changed how I slept and it fixed it. I mention this because you said that sometimes sleeping wrong makes it worse. My problem was that I was sleeping on my side. Now I sleep on my stomach and I have no problems. So just a suggestion, but you might change the position that you sleep in.