Knees Popping During Deadlift

Its been a while since I have deadlifted . I had a muscle spasm that pinched my sciatic nerve, long story short, I needed to stretch, a lot.

I’m by no means pulling heavy since I’m starting out . 225 5x5. Good form, no rounding of back.

On certain reps I will hear my knee pop on the way up. It happens in both knees, not every time. But maybe once or twice during the whole workout.

Last week, after my DL workout, which my knee did pop, I felt pain when I went to do a squat (like sit on the toilet, or chair). Right in front of the knee. Anyway, I iced it several times and took turmeric, and the pain completely subsided after half a day.

Since then I have done my DL workout, and that pain did not return, but I had my knee pop again during the workout.

Is there anything to worry about regarding the popping? Does this happen to anyone else? My knees always popped when I do a deep squat, totally normal for me.

A popping can be normal, but not pain. Usually the DL is putting low stress on the knee. In fact when I had a knee sprain I would DL 3 times a week pain free. So are you sure about your form? Video maybe?

Thanks. There is no pain when there are pops. I have had it happen a few times since I had the pain and there is no pain. I must have been using shitty form. I also recorded myself recently and had several people check form and it looked good.