knees pain

hello brothers, I have some questions for you, and thanks in advance

I injected a 1ml of 200mg deca together with 1ml of 100mg primo, and took 3 anavar pills (saturday)

(sunday) another 3 anavar pills, I have some from myprevious cycle.

I’m trying to make the pain in my hip go away so I can keep practicing kickboxing and make my hips stronger since i think week hips may be my problem.

But last nigh the my knees started to hurt quit a bit, and I had to take two advils to be abe to go back to bed.

Is the Deca Primo in any way related to the pain? or it is shut anothe rinjury of mine?

The cycle I intend to do is like this (remember it is just to help me with the injuries)

1(200mg deca) per week for 4 weeks
together with
3(100mg primo) per week for 6 weeks

I’m font-loading with 200mg deca and 500mg primo

Can I shoot the deca with the primo in the same injection right?

Thanks again, and light speed