Knees Over Toes Guy?

Has anyone else been following Ben with ATG (Advanced Training Group)? He is all over youtube, with vids about bulletproofing knees, and, from what I have seen, there are some really good preliminary results from the comments from youtube. Let us hear your first-hand testimonials. I have noticed a decrease in hip flexor discomfort (impingement?). This has been bothering me for 2 years, but with some mobility training and the ATG split squat, along with weighted hip flexor raises, have noticed better pain-free movement. Chime in, please. Thanks in advance.

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Pretty fascinating stuff.
Seated good mornings, calf on hammy lunge, nordic curl. I may try a few things but not subscribe.
Is there anything similar for the shoulder?

The concepts are applicable to every joint and are in no way “owned by Ben Patrick”.

These principles are:

  • Load the muscles around the joint
  • Load the muscles into the greatest range of motion possible
  • Do not aggravate symptoms while training

Therefore similar exercises for the shoulder would be chin-ups, dips, DB External Rotations, deep DB flyes and deep pullovers