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Knees Knees Knees

Alright so here’s the scoop. My right knee hurts. It started doing heavy below parallel squats right above my patella (knee cap). It feels like its right in the tendon and its a really sharp pain.

For the most part it doesn’t bother me except when I do knee flexion under pressure or do fairly high rep bodyweight squats. Also both my knee’s click when I extend them… not good.

Im going to the doctor as soon as I get home from school (a month from now). But I was wondering if any of you guys have had any experience with this? Its really frusterating because I can literally see my legs atrophy. Running doesnt bother them though so Ive been doing that in hope to get some blood to the area and to retain some muscle.

Anyways any help, advice from anyone especially those who have experienced similar problems or shall I be really lucky an actual doctor/physio (I know there are a few on here) it would be extremely appreciated. Its really scaring me because Im not even 20 yet and still have big plans for weight training. Thanks everyone.

There’s no way to be sure but it sounds like the first stage of patellar tendinitis to me. The Rx for that is to ice for the first day then rest for a few weeks, then rehab with light weights and range of motion work. Tendons are pretty slow to heal due to a low blood supply so be patient if that is the case.

It’s more usually seen below the knee cap though…

The clicking may be crepitus - again possibly some disfunction of the knee cap or some such.

A good physio will look at how the muscles of the quads are firing and the order in which they fire as this has implications for knee cap and knee joint stability.

In summary: go see a good physio… Good luck.

Thanks for the reply drewsky, plan is to do exactly as you said so far.

The knee is a complex joint, don’t push it…if you can do leg presses and 3/4 Squats w/ heavier weights you should be able to maintain until you get to the DR. What I wouldn’t do is continue to do deep squats. Also buy knee wraps or a knee pad…the cheap ones that arnold wore in pumping iron are just as effective as the high priced ones (IMHO). Finally, b4 you hit the dr. you could do leg extensions prior to squats and then hold back on the weight…leg extensions are worthless for hypertrophy, but are a great knee warm up.

good luck and feel better.