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Knees Killing Me


Over the past 4 months ive put on about 25 pounds and now my knees are killing me. I walk with terrible posture cause it feels like my knees are giving out every step. IS there exersizes that can help this or something i might be doing thats making worse? Is there supplements or vitamins that can help with this? Should i do more leg work? Thanks


Find a good doctor or physical therapist of course. In addition take a good fish oil supp, Flameout if excellent. If those 25 lbs aren't LBM, then lose the blubber. Check out the articles by Mike Robertson and Eric Cressey. Put those suggestions into practice and your posture will improve.


The weight i put on was lbm but i got some blubbber otherwise and that is what im working on now hopefully that corrects the problem thanks.


You probably don't want to be doing anything that causes a lot of impact, like walking around on pavement with crappy shoes or boots, running, or maybe even walking around on your heals like an elephant like most people do in their own homes.

Anyway, the fish oil is probably a good bet, but you probably want to try something like a glucosamine and chondroitin supplement, which has research hinting at either helping to rebuild cartilidge or at least helping protect whatever you have remaining.