Knees Falling In

ON my back squat, i have worked tirelessly at keeping my torso erect and as a result, when I come out of the hole, i hit a really hard sticking point as i rise to parralel. Its at this point, my knees want to fall in.

My ankles dont feel as though they r giving out, its just that my knees wabble a bit and tend to wanna fall in. Someone said that i may have my feet flared at too extreme of an angle… ? I have been training myself to keep my feet in line with my femur (about 20-30°) and im very careful to keep this in chck.

I know vids would help, ill work on it. But in the mean time, what COULD this mean? Thanks a lot, in advance for any help.

it could be a technical issue, it could be a strength issue, or it could be some combination of the two. strength wise it would most likely be a weak glute medius and possibly tight adductors.

i have that, too.

what helped me…

x-band walks (to wake up the glute medius)

microband around the knees. not sure why the tension around the knees helps the cue ‘DRIVE YOUR BLOODY KNEES OUT!!!’ but it seems to. i get a bit of a sticking point, too. my temptation is to let my knees cave in a little and then the weight will continue to move up. i’ve been told to not let that happen, though. at that point - instead of letting your knees cave in a little think to drive your hips forwards and up (diagonally) by giving them an almighty shove with your glutes / hammies and simultaneously driving your knees out hard as you can. takes my glutes a little while before they activate - but once they do the bar simply flies up.

When you let your knees caving in out of the hole, the weight could shift forward.

I would definitely guess weak glute meds. A video would help a lot though. I would say banded squats to a box would be good for awhile. Banded meaning resistance bands around your knees, so you actively have to push out against them.

This is a really great article that presents a nice succinct warm up for squatting workouts. It will surely help you with any mobility issues in addition to your weaknesses.

I would do: hip stance adductor mobilizations (1x8/side), clams, & x-band walks.

Thanks for the advice. To answer all of you, i do have tendency to fall forward, my upper back is strong enough to compensate but that blows in my opinion, im gonna try some x-bands and keepat it. Thx all

yes x band walks.

also air squats. if you can’t do a perfect slow and controlled air squat shoving your knees out hard / driving your glutes hard up and forwards then how do you expect to be able to do it with weight??

(i think it is mostly an activation / motor pattern thing)

once you get the hang of hip drive/ knees out your numbers really will fly up!!

I remember having this before I got into any kind of lifting. Doing high repetition squats while forcing the knees out (knees point same angle as toes) might be an idea.