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Knees Coming In During Squats and Deads


My knees come in during squats and dead lifts especially with the heavier loads.
Does anyone know what I can do to fix that?
I have added a band just below my knees to try and activate my glutes a bit more but has only helped out a little..
I try to keep them out as much as possible throughout the entire movement but they seem to shake in and out on the concentric part of the movement..
Any help would be great.



This is a problem usually found in teenage boys and many women for slightly different reasons.

On thing to do is do more squatting (reg. oly. style) and make sure of the knee track in a mirror. The knees are always supposed to track in the direction of toe point in the squat and deadlift and the inner muscles in the thighs sometimes lag in development. Working on leg strength with the squats and "seeing" your knees track correctly or not may help your brain learn how to keep them in line. I'm not a big fan of using a mirror but in this case it can help.

You can also try placing a larger, light Swiss ball between your knees when doing squats or deadlifts as a physical cue to your brain that your knees are moving inward.

With my lifters, I have resorted to putting the backs of my hands on the insides of their knees shen they squat and push outwards when their knees start to press inward. You'll have to have a brave friend for that one.



practise at home doing BW box squats onto the couch or whatever with the band above the knees


@Coach Mc
Thanks for your info.. I'm not a teenager nor a female but that made me fell real special anyway.. ha ha
I do try to track my knees over my toes but literally cant control them once under load. I always squat in front of a mirror for this reason.
I have only recently started doing ass to grass squats and this is where the problem started.
I have been told not to put anything between my legs to help as that it might make my abductors weaker as they dont have to work to keep my knees out??
I dont think any of my training partners will want to help keep my knees out.. ha ha

@Caveman I have started to do more body weight squats and my knees are fine when doing them.. Its when i add about 60kg that they start to wobble and come in.
I will try putting the band above me knees.

What about my deadlifts.. any hints for those as they do the exact same thing and come in.


Maybe try to do more rep with less weight on your shoulder, until your quad and glute will be stronger, like 3 or 4 sets of 12-15 reps


also wider stance and sit down between your hips, sound wiered but try it


The hip ad/abducter machine (Good girl/bad girl machine) will help with knee stability during squats. Plus you might make friends with some very friendly men.


add lunges as an assistens exercise + as the other guys said, work on your form with a bit lighter weights
in squats and deadlifts.


Its almost certainly from weak glutes.

You know what makes glutes stronger? Squats and deadlifts. And sprinting.

Fix your form and squat weight you can handle. Get stronger while handling the weight properly