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knees ands quad work

My knees hurt so damn bad whenever i do quad work… i have to restrict motion quite a bit too. However i can do quad exercises with very little or no weight, it still hurts but it’s bearable. Should i keep retricting my motion? or would going really light eventually enable me to work back up to normal loads again?

I seem to have the same problem. Squatting is my main quad work, and sometimes after I finish my right knee starts to hurt, especially if I extend it out all the way or step on it heavily. It feels like it hurts right under the patella. I’m not sure what this is, how to fix it, etc; but I sure would like to find out.

I used to have patella tendenitis to the point that it would hurt to sit, walk, etc. Ever since I started using Coach Davies’ programs, I have had no pain. I don’t know if it is because my ham’s are stronger now or what, but the pain is gone.

Anyone who doesnt have a regular ART session is doing themselves a great disservice. And no i dont get paid to say that everytime someone says they are hurt.

Ice and Advil can help but if the pain doesn’t go away after a while try going to a Dr and getting a cortazone shot. I had tendenitis so bad I couldn’t hardly walk. A week after I had the shot I had no pain when squattin, and I didn’t have to restrict my motion at all.

Go light, work back up. If the pain persists, see a doctor.

DO NOT GET CORTIZONE SHOTS!! All your doing is masking pain from a cronic injury. You could be squatting and rip the shit out of your knee and never know it. Go see a physio therapist and they will teach you eccentric exercises to use to strengthen your pateller tendon. Or you could just go get ART therapy and be good to go whithin days.

You may want to try an alternative exercise for awhile…pulling a heavily weighted sled while walking backwards really hits the quads and requires a pretty limited range of motion. Just a thought…

I recently damaged my knee playing lax. (I know, I know, all my posts are about lacrosse injuries - give me a break.) The therapist and my doctor both diagnosed mildly strained tissue around the kneecap. I rested it, iced it, after a month or so, it felt decent. But everyone keeps telling me that now I should wear a brace on my knee whenever I play, run or lift weights. To me, that sounds silly - wouldn’t wearing a brace just make my knee weaker? Sorry, I am on a tangent here. I agree with those that say to strengthen your hams and to go light until the pain lessens.

I’ve had this for about a year now… (from basketball i believe), my hams are pretty strong in comparison to the rest of my body, so i don’t think they’re a problem. went to my docotor last year, he told me it would go away when iquit playing ball, i’m not playing for a team anymore but i still play once or twice a week.
Anyway i think i’ll go light and see if that helps.

Did you not totally miss what i said? Go get ART done. I lived with terrible knee pain for three years. could barely squat or jump. Now i can do whatever i want. Go get it done now.

I can’t afford ART.

Are you positively sure? because i didnt think i could either but my insurance covers it and its only 7 dollars a trip for me. You should save up your money and at least go one time. my problems were corrected by about 85% the very first time i went. i only keep going back because i keep getting hurt.

take coral calcium for 10 days at triple dose then at recommended dose… your pain will disappear.No exercising during the 10 days… then slowly build back