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Kneeling Squat


So I've been doing these for about a month. I like them, feel good after doing them. No knee or lower back pain, use a thickly padded mat.

I can pile the weight on, and feel it in my hamstrings and flexors afterwards. However, feel absolutely nothing in the glutes or quads.

Anyone else experience this?


Yes, only because they're not FOR you're quads. If you do an assistance exercise you better have a good reason for it. Kneeling squats are to assist in helping you shoot you're hips out of the hole when you squat. Not for building your glutes or quads.

Think about it... You're on your knees, and the only way to move the bar is to sick back on your calves and thrust your hips. When are you're quads/glutes ever really contracting? If you want to feel it in your glutes more - I suggest squeezing at the top of the lift.


I copy. Obviously I've read some misleading info about involved muscles.

Appreciate the response.


I agree with the quads certainly, but the glutes are the primary muscle responsible for hip extension. It's absurd to suggest they're not involved in the kneeling squat. OP obviously needs hip flexor lengthening and glute activation to shift the emphasis from hamstring dominance.


Pardon my ignorance, but as far as flexor lengthening.....lunges?


Personal favorite:

With regards to glute activation, read up on Bret Contreras' articles.


this is a phenomenol statement.