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Kneeling Scarecrows


I saw this exercise in Joe DeFranco's great article, Westside for Skinny Bastards Part II, and I'd like to know a little more about the exercise (okay, I'm kinda anal retentive). What's the proper execution of this exercise and is it primarily targeted at the external rotators. Advice is appreciated!


Think of Scarecrows as reverse pec-deck flyes or bent DB rear flyes, done on a low-cable. So, it will have that same arc/hugging motion as a reverse flye, and you'll be hitting most of the upper back and shoulder girdle muscles.


It is always much better to do this exercise standing up. More muscles involved anytime you are standing.


Generally true. However, the Kneeling Scarecrows that Defranco chose to use in his program will still require a whole bunch of ab stabilization, especially if you sit "tall" and work to keep an upright posture, like the guy in the picture.


Thanks for the responses. This seems like a good exercise to help with the shoulder issues a lot of us face. The youngin's would probably be smart to include this or a similar exercise as "prehab".


Well rounded training IS prehab.

but ya great exercises blows up your traps too