Kneeling Cleans

Any chance somebody’s familiar with this exercise?

I could’ve sworn I read about it being a favorite of Steve Reeves, but I have no clue where I was reading.

Am I making it up? Did it come to me in a ZMA-induced dream? Or has anyone else heard of it before?

I’ve tried playing around with it and it’s not the smoothest of motions. Catching the bar is very abrupt.

I’ve heard of them. Even saw a video of someone doing them once.

Not too keen on trying them myself, though.

CT once mentioned doing kneeling snatches in his training log. I think it’s to inhibit the hamstrings and make the glutes work harder.

They’re in the Parisi DVDs. I’ve never done them seriously myself, only as part of a warmup.

You are absolutely right, I remember reading about Steve Reeves doing them, and like many, he was my first hero. Reeves tried a lot of unusual things. I think he was an instinctive kind of guy. I remember he had a rigid Monday morning, Wednesday evening, Saturday morning training schedule, or something like that, as he was very tuned into recovery times. And he invented “power-walking” with weights.
Anyway, I tried those kneeling cleans one time and decided they were for Hercules only. Doc

Louie Simmons talked about them in one of his articles. It had something to do with depth jumps and the Soviet training methods too. It was a while ago, but you can probably find it on the Westside site.


It’s under the “June 2006, Things You Should Know” heading. He writes about it in another article too, but I can’t find it.

I want to try these too.


Has anyone tried kneeling squats? I’ve done kneeling jumps, and those suck very badly.

I think CT’s training log did have kneeling squats, and no, they’re not as hard on the knees as kneeling jumps.