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Kneeling Chair for Fat People

Ok so not “fat” people.

I’ve done a bunch of looking and want to buy a kneeling chair to help with my nagging back problem. However, the ones Ive found on ebay almost always have a 200lb weight limit.

Does anyone know of ones that can hold someone in the 200-230lb weight class? lol

i bet thats just so they dont get sued if t happens to break, i had one and it could take me (210-220)

You could just make one? Get some padding and some wood. Couple of nails and viola, padded kneeling whatever. You could also use it as a sex platform I would imagine, at least once.


i bought one anyways. my buddy reminded me that it was probably engineered with a ‘factor of safety’ in there to reduce injury law suits.

either that or i can always V-Diet and drop back to the size of the male models.