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Kneecap Popping & Sliding


I had ACL replacement about two years ago. I had squatted heavy since, without a problem, but ever sense the surgery, my kneecap (not the joint, just the sliding kneecap) will often pop and it slides slightly from the lateral to the medial position. Also, if I manually slide it back and forth, it pops as it returns to the medial (or normal) position. Any ideas? Could it still be scar tissue?


patella realignment surgery! it sucks. my left knee did the same. started in like 7th grade with an injury, then it would go out once a month or so for the next 4 years. by the time i got the surgery my knee was quite fucked. tons of scar tissue. i would get back to that orthopedic surgeon, or perhaps a different one, and get some x-rays and such done, no one can diagnose this over a computer.

and in my experience, dont wait on a knee injury, youre only building up more scar tissue, which will only add to the recovery time.

good luck


Definately go see the ortho who was involved with your surgery. Also, do you know if they did a autograft hamstring graft or patellar graft, or an allograft?


Allograph patellar.


Let me be totally clear. The kneecap does not pop out of place on its own, nor does it stay out of position. Its just that if I manually pull it laterally, it experiences a little "bump" as it slide back into position.