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Kneecap Moving in Bottom of Squat


About two months ago, I tweaked my hip flexors on the left side - in the upper groin region to the left of my junk. Took a week or two off squats, eased back into it. Groin is feeling fine.

Now, however, my left kneecap pops when I get into the bottom of a squat. It feels increasingly tight as I descend. About when I hit parallel, my kneecap pops as if it's popping back into position. It doesn't really hurt as it's doing it, but I feel the slightest discomfort after a few sets.
The popping seems to occur more dramatically with heavier weight. It's barely noticeable doing an air squat.
I'm temporarily squatting to only the point where I feel like it's going to pop - so I'm stopping a little bit before hitting parallel. But I'd like to deal with this permanently.

I never encountered this issue before my recent groin issues - and it's only on the left side (the side where I had groin issues).

I've regularly rolled out my legs, particularly over the adductors. Those hurt like a mother, but I didn't notice any difference. Worked on the Agile 11 as a warmup, no difference.

Any advice?