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Are there any Doctors in the house with some insight to my problem?

Ive been running for the last couple months for progressively greater distances.
Last week, a day after running 6 miles, I had to stop after 16 minutes as I felt this pinch underneath my right knee cap (underneath, slightly to the left). It felt like someone was hammering down on my bone.

Today I attempted to run again and after 4 minutes the hammering was there once more and I had to stop.

Is there something I can do to speed recovery and to prevent this in the future?


Diesel – Is this pain on the tendon below the kneecap? Or is it more ON the kneecap?

I know it’s below the kneecap, slightly on the left side of it.

It sounds like it could be the tendon. Also, after sitting down for prolonged periods of time (an hour or so), I feel that pinch underneath my kneecap pretty well.


Is it painful or is it more of a structual discomfort…

Could be a bursitis that only needs NSAIDS (motrin, naproxen, indocin) and a week of rest. Tendonitis might be another culprit. Rest is the key. Take it easy for a week, utilize low impact aerobics if need be, but don’t hammer that limb anymore until you have it checked out.

Best bet is to get it checked out by a doc


Thanx. Its more of a discomfort. I can use an eliptical for as long as I need with no symptoms. However after 4 mins of running today the hammering feeling came back, and I HAD to stop.

As I said to Brider in his thread keep us posted. Injury information is some of the most valuable. Good luck Diesal. :wink:

There is a possibility of it being a strained knee jt capsule, vastus medialis, adductor, or rectus femoris. I’d have to get my hands on it to make sure. I suffer froma similiar injury in my left knee. ART will take care of it in my case.